Fantastic camera work: Voices from the Field


Voices of the FieldIn August 2010, myself and two other film students went to Africa to make a film for the non-profit Project Concern. I went through a lot making this film — it was a difficult first film, and a mesmerizing experience. ( John X. Carey )

Voices from the Field from John X. Carey on Vimeo. Best viewed full screen.

Production: Designmatters at Art Center College of Design

Writer/Director/Editor: John X. Carey –WWW.JOHNXCAREY.COM

Client: Project Concern International

Producer: Shawn Ruggeiro, Elisa Ruffino, John X. Carey

DP: Kyle Murphy

Cinematography: Kyle Murphy, Jeremy Jackson, John X. Carey

Featuring: Dr. Jim Turpin, Tobias Tembo

Music: Jonsi and Alex: “Stokkseyri”, Jonsi: “Boy Lilikoi”, Sigur Rós: “Seaglopur”
*Huge thanks to Jónsi for letting us use his music. And Canon for creating the amazing 5D mkII.


3 thoughts on “Fantastic camera work: Voices from the Field”

  1. Those close-ups are so intriguing. I love this style of documentary. Sad subject, though. Africa has so many problems! I hope things will get better for them soon.


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