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1. General conditions
You are allowed to use this site (www.miracletutorials.com) when you agree with the conditions in this text. The author can change these conditions at any time without prior warning.
If you do not agree with these terms, you are obliged to leave this site immediately.

The authorship of all material on this site belongs to the owner of this site, namely Rudolf Boogerman. To keep this text readable, we will use the term ‘author’ for the copyrights and at the same time for the owner of the site.

2. Intellectual property rights
You recognize explicitly that all information on this site is and remains the sole property of the author. The ideas, texts, images, movies and any other items on the site are protected by international law on authorship. You are not allowed to distribute any material from this site in any form to third parties unless clearly indicated.

If you want to show material from this site to friends or relatives, direct them to the actual page(s) on this site, instead of sending downloaded material by e-mail, for instance.
You may link or embed videos in your own site but you are not allowed to extract parts of it to use in another context. You will not mask any copyright notices or display video footage in such a way that the ownership of the artwork cannot be read.

Some names, signs or logo’s are registered trademarks from other parties, the respective owners enjoy the same intellectual property rights as any legal owner. They may hold you accountable if you use any of their material without written permission.

3. Press

Journalists have the right to use material on the site for reviews, they do not need to ask permission if they can prove to be journalists by profession and use the material exclusively within the scope of their profession, namely reviews or news reporting. The author of the material must be mentioned in any form of publication.


Comments are subject to an approval process by the author prior to publishing. The author decides at his own discretion if a comment or question is suitable to publish. Spam will be removed without a second thought and URLs will be removed if they are considered irrelevant by the author or if the commenter posts without writing something meaningful.
There will be no correspondence or negotiation about the refusal to publish a certain comment.

By filling in a comment or question, you give permission to publish your text on this site and in educational materials. You cannot claim a financial reward for the use of those comments. If you do not want your name to appear underneath a comment, you can use an alias. You are by no means obliged to use a real name.

5. Responsibility of the author
This site is meant to inform you as best as possible and we do our best to keep it bug free but we can’t confirm that the server is virus free at any given time. In the event that your computer crashes on this site or gets affected by a virus, the author can’t be held responsible for it.
Loss of data or damage in whatever form resulting from the use of this site does not give you any right to financial compensation or any compensation at all.
You use this site solely at your own risk.

The information published on this site is accurate at the time of writing when using actual technical specifications, although allegories can be used sometimes to make complex concepts understandable to laymen. Mistakes and typos can happen, we are happy to correct those on simple request, but we are not accountable for financial losses directly resulting from acting upon any of the articles or tutorials on this site. You use all material at your own risk and if in doubt, you can always ask a question by filling out a comment.

4. Applying a hyper link to this site
You may place a link on your own web site to any regular posts.
The page where the link resides, must disappear completely and the URL of this site must be clearly visible. In other words: if the link to this site resides on a page within a frame, you must add the target=”_blank” or target=”new_window” to the code of the link.
Pages with the .htm or .html extension cannot be linked since they are not formatted for display on their own. Such links are only allowed after expressly written permission of the author. Such requests can be made by e-mail.

6. Links to sites maintained by the author
This site contains links to other sites created by the author. These rules also apply to those sites.

7. Links to sites maintained by third parties
This site contains links to other related sites, just to inform you as a matter of free service. These sites are not maintained or created by the author and therefore, the responsibility for their content remains with the owners of these sites.

7b. This site may contain affiliate links. This is either indicated via the title tag in the hyperlink or next to the link.
As such, we want to make sure that you know that we make some money when you buy a product or a service. In this way we can recuperate the costs for maintenance and hosting. However, we don”t promote services or products without having tested them or use/used.

7c. This site may contain text ads in the side bar(s). We accept no responsibility for those ads, although we test them on malware before publishing. These ads are no affiliate links, they are prepaid.

8. Accessibility
The author has done his best to comply with the WAI rules, Priority 1 and to a certain extend Priority 2 of W3C regarding accessibility for disabled people. However, this site is about Multimedia, therefore a minimum amount of code has been used that does not fully comply with WAI rules. The author cannot be held responsible in case someone is not able to utilize this site in the same way as the average person can. But visitors are welcome to report problems and the author will investigate and correct it at his own discretion.

9. Private policy
The personal details you disclose to us through email forms or other means are not transferred to third parties and will only be used in relation to this site.

10. Guest posts
Since we have bad experiences with guest posts, we no longer accept them.


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