Cache-control enhances RTMP streaming playback

When you have frequent problems playing back RTMP streaming videos or audios via AWS CloudFront (stuttering or stalling), you can use a simple trick to boost the performance by adding a cache header to the HTTP headers of your media in the S3 bucket. It is possible to add or change the HTTP headers of … Read moreCache-control enhances RTMP streaming playback

S3 Amazon: how to sign up and connect to the server -Revised

In this article I explain how S3 Amazon works related to video and audio. As I already wrote in my previous article, S3 is primarily a storage facility with little software on board.  Luckily, there is some good third party software around that extends the service in a quite spectacular way.  But let me first … Read moreS3 Amazon: how to sign up and connect to the server -Revised

S3 Amazon and video: introduction

A reader asked what I thought of using S3 Amazon Web Services (AWS) for serving videos , so I did some research and found this interesting enough to share with the readers because the servers of Amazon have a couple of interesting possibilities. S3 Amazone is basically a storage space that can be used to … Read moreS3 Amazon and video: introduction

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