Using royalty free stock video and audio

Update 1 June 2016: This was a review of Revostock, which has been killed off by a Patent Troll. Revostock was founded in 2006, a library which offered royalty free stockvideo, stockaudio and sound effects. It was the first to sell Adobe After Effects templates to use in video projects. Like many image libraries it contained professional and semi-professional artwork which can be used in video or audio projects.

Patent Troll companies produce nothing, they use extortion to make a living

A unnamed Patent Troll company sued Revostock and after 2 years the case was dismissed, but Revostock couldn’t keep it up anymore and closed it doors, according to Craig Lillard, the founder of Revostock.
Patent Troll companies buy broad patents, to be able to sue as many enterprises as possible. They produce nothing, they just use extortion to make money. Most people settle outside court because it is cheaper and in doing so, they actually facilitate those companies. However, Revostock was brave enough to go to Court, but it broke their back.

Patent Troll companies have friends in high places. See also this video on YouTube about the subject,which shows the current patent system fails miserably:

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Patents (HBO)

Although I have sympathy with RevoStock, I think they could have been better for the creatives. Taking a cut of 50% is far too high. That said, IStockPhoto and others take huge cuts as well.

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  1. Just exactly what did a Patten Troll have over on Revostock? the burning question. Revostock sold AE templates, stock video and Music that were all made by individual artists and contributors which has nothing to do with Pattens of anykind. Revostock was no different then Videohive/Audiojungle Pond5 or VideoBlocks which are all still in business, so what did the trolls have over on Reveostock?


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