How to embed a HTML5 video on your site

Embed HTML5 video interface

With HTML5 you can embed a video without the need to install a player.  This tutorial explains how to embed a video starting with a simple example, to end with multilingual subtitles and advanced options. You will be able to use the embedding code below in practically any cms or html website. Content management systems … Read moreHow to embed a HTML5 video on your site

HLS streaming via AWS and JW Player 6

HLS streaming

HLS streaming (HTTP Live Streaming) has a couple of advantages over RTMP streaming in a sense that it can circumvent corporate firewalls and proxies and it plays on most mobile devices and desktops. RTMP streaming does not work on mobiles at all since it needs Flash, although JW Player has a HTML5 fallback method for mobiles. … Read moreHLS streaming via AWS and JW Player 6

Private streaming video with JW Player 7 on WordPress

Updated: 2 December 2016. Private streaming video/audio with JW Player 7 on WordPress is now possible with S3Media Stream Enterprise 7.7.1, our WordPress plugin that works via private RTMP distributions and Web distributions on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It ships and installs with JWplayer 7.x automatically, you do not need to download it separately. The plugin is ideal for coaches, media professionals … Read morePrivate streaming video with JW Player 7 on WordPress

Cache-control enhances RTMP streaming playback

When you have frequent problems playing back RTMP streaming videos or audios via AWS CloudFront (stuttering or stalling), you can use a simple trick to boost the performance by adding a cache header to the HTTP headers of your media in the S3 bucket. It is possible to add or change the HTTP headers of … Read moreCache-control enhances RTMP streaming playback

Protected download links on WordPress, who needs it?

Protected download link

If you want to offer videos or audios for download, or actually any file type on your WordPress site, but you do not want the links to be leeched on other sites, you might be interested in this free WordPress plugin; S3Media LinkSafe Lite 1.0. It creates expiring links to files on your S3 bucket … Read moreProtected download links on WordPress, who needs it?

Amazon Elastic Transcoder review

Elastic Transcoder is an online service of AWS Amazon. It converts videos online and you can chose from a range of presets to determine the format of the output. It is possible to set several formats in one go and have them transcoded/converted in the background. You can also create new presets based on existing … Read moreAmazon Elastic Transcoder review

Australia gets its own S3 Edge server

Finally, after a lot of nagging by various interested parties(me included), Australia gets its own Edge server on S3 Amazon, namely in Sydney. This will have quite some impact on delivery of streaming video and audio in the Land Down Under, because they have serious problems playing HD video. An edge server is especially useful … Read moreAustralia gets its own S3 Edge server

S3 Amazon and DreamHost: a perfect marriage

By placing all heavy files on S3 Amazon/CloudFront, you only need a lightweight solution like DreamHost for your site itself. That way you have the best of both worlds. Both services are very cheap and easy to deal with. In the past, I had my doubts regarding DreamHost (affialate link) and indeed, playing video or … Read moreS3 Amazon and DreamHost: a perfect marriage

S3: News from the CloudFront! Private streaming video – revised

With CloudFront you can not only stream your own videos, you can make streaming videos private on top of that!  In other words, you can have paid videos on your site or membership area without the fear of copying the video. You can do the same thing with expiring URLs but private streaming has other … Read moreS3: News from the CloudFront! Private streaming video – revised

S3: Streaming video with CloudFront

With CloudFront, you can stream your own audio and video without using any code or installing complicated server software. CloudFront is an Amazon service which works in conjunction with your S3 Amazon account (S3 AWS). What the service basically did so far was to serve content from your S3 account to the closest server in … Read moreS3: Streaming video with CloudFront

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