Brightcove: End of the free ride – revised

Latest news: Brightcove TV is dead no longer exists.  Brightcove has stepped out of the consumer arena altogether.  Their core business is now purely professional and beyond the scope of this site.  We will keep previous articles on Brightcove for history sake, though. Alas, it was written in the stars: on 17 December 2008, … Read moreBrightcove: End of the free ride – revised

Brightcove, a neglected star by many!

Let me give you 4 reasons why you should consider as your prime video channel to start with as an entrepreneur. In the beginning I was not really charmed by the way Brightcove was set up to upload videos but when you understand how it works, it has some very convincing advantages over the … Read moreBrightcove, a neglected star by many!

Video channel reviews

Here you find a list of important video channels reviewed from the standpoint of the content provider, namely you. Whether you are an entrepreneur, an alterpreneur or an artist, changes in policies by those networks will affect you immediately. Therefore, the reviews are updated when there are important changes. To upload helpful and practical … Read moreVideo channel reviews

Recommended movie settings for Brightcove

I didn’t understand why my Brightcove movies looked so pixelated and blurry, but now I understand: Brightcove has 2 display formats 480×360 pixels and 400×300 px, while my movie was 320×240 px. The biggest version of their player is used when you do a search on Brightcove and then play it from there. While if … Read moreRecommended movie settings for Brightcove

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