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IMG_1241 Great you want to know more about who is behind Miracle Tutorials. I’m Rudolf Boogerman, born in London and moved to Belgium(Europe) in 2007.  I am the founder of  Footprint Communication, a visual communication service. I create web sites, multimedia presentations and custom made video tutorials.

Since 2003 I have helped entrepreneurs work with multimedia on the internet and have created numerous custom video tutorials for companies all over the globe.  At some point, I actually got a bit bored repeating the same tutorials over and over again, so I thought: “Why not create a site, and put all new multimedia related tutorials in there?”.
Hence, Raboo Tutorials was born,  but the naming didn’t sound right, so after a couple of months, I renamed it Miracle Tutorials because that is exacly  what I want to do; offer miraculously easy tutorials about difficult concepts.

About the tutorials

The video and hands-on tutorials are meant primarily for those who want to start and/or grow their business or portfolio. Since audio and video is a big part of the new generation of web sites, the tutorials start from scratch, explaining every nut and bolt regarding online video- and audio and any related issues.

All tutorials and articles are based on personal experience, accumulated while working for reputable companies.


  • Co-founder of womencorp.org, an organization striving to help women entrepreneurs develop their financial and personal freedom by assisting them to setup their online business and connect with other women. Roxanne Batson is the original founder of Womencorp, she is an amazing woman who introduced me to America in 2003. Since then, we support each other in our businesses.
  • Big fan of Healing Bridges, founded by Zebiba, which helps women and children in Eritrea to cope with the aftermath of a devastating war. 80% of the population consists now of women and children.
  • Founder of “De beeldende Zusters” a group of 6 women artists in Belgium for which I organized several art exhibitions from 1993 to 1996. One of them is Inge De Belder, an internationally recognized artist and personal friend.
  • Longtime Member of NICC, an organization to improve the situation of visual artists in Belgium.

Rudolf Boogerman, 22 December 2007 – modified 25 November 2016
Visual artist, multimedia pro

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