What bitrate for HLS adaptive streaming video?

HLS ideal bitrates

What bitrate to use for HLS adaptive streaming video is a question many people struggle with. Bitrate (or “Bit rate” in proper English) is the amount of bits needed to produce a second of video footage. In this tutorial we try to give you the ideal bitrate to use per video resolution.  Although it depends … Read moreWhat bitrate for HLS adaptive streaming video?

Building a Membership Website using Video

Membership website with video

Building a video membership website isn’t that easy for everyone. Luckily, there are platforms available that make life easy for you. One of them is Uscreen.tv which has many options to build a powerful video- and eLearning site with paid and free subscription. It is actually much easier to set up then a WordPress or … Read moreBuilding a Membership Website using Video

Using royalty free stock video and audio

Update 1 June 2016: This was a review of Revostock, which has been killed off by a Patent Troll. Revostock was founded in 2006, a library which offered royalty free stockvideo, stockaudio and sound effects. It was the first to sell Adobe After Effects templates to use in video projects. Like many image libraries it contained professional and … Read moreUsing royalty free stock video and audio

Amazon Elastic Transcoder review

Elastic Transcoder is an online service of AWS Amazon. It converts videos online and you can chose from a range of presets to determine the format of the output. It is possible to set several formats in one go and have them transcoded/converted in the background. You can also create new presets based on existing … Read moreAmazon Elastic Transcoder review

JW Player: who is behind it? Who is Jeroen Wijering?

Who is Jeroen Wijering,  the creator of the industry standard JW player? What is his relationship with Longtail Video Solutions?  This trailer to the documentary video from PictureThis.tv gives you an insight into the history of the most famous video player on the web.  Many people see this player daily at work without even knowing … Read moreJW Player: who is behind it? Who is Jeroen Wijering?

S3Media Stream™ to protect your video and audio on WordPress

Sometimes, you do not want to show video or audio to everyone. Or you want to show it to everyone, but you do not want third parties to publish your media on their site. S3 Amazon combined with Private Streaming can help you with this. I wrote already an article on this subject, namely S3: … Read moreS3Media Stream™ to protect your video and audio on WordPress

S3: Streaming video with CloudFront

With CloudFront, you can stream your own audio and video without using any code or installing complicated server software. CloudFront is an Amazon service which works in conjunction with your S3 Amazon account (S3 AWS). What the service basically did so far was to serve content from your S3 account to the closest server in … Read moreS3: Streaming video with CloudFront

S3 Amazon and video: introduction

A reader asked what I thought of using S3 Amazon Web Services (AWS) for serving videos , so I did some research and found this interesting enough to share with the readers because the servers of Amazon have a couple of interesting possibilities. S3 Amazone is basically a storage space that can be used to … Read moreS3 Amazon and video: introduction

How to embed videos from Vimeo on your site – revised

Updated 26 November 2015 – Vimeo.com has 3 standard ways to display videos directly on your website or blog.  In this article, I explain how to use the  standard method, Embedding.  In the coming article I show the other methods. But let me first sum up the all the options so that you know what to expect.

Read moreHow to embed videos from Vimeo on your site – revised

Back up online recorded podcasts and video

Many audio- and video services offer to record podcasts or video online.  The videos or audios are then saved on their server and conveniently, you get an url that you can link to in your web site.   Easy and no worries, yet, there is one thing that most subscribers forget, and that is to download … Read moreBack up online recorded podcasts and video

CNET comparison between video services

Cnet is a great source for reviews on hardware.  Whenever I buy a camcorder, I first go there to look up the reviews. This time, they did an excellent comparison test with HD videos between the most important video services offering high definition video hosting: YouTube, Vimeo, SmugMug, DailyMotion, BlipTV, Source and Facebook(which is not … Read moreCNET comparison between video services

Vimeo: the secret of good quality content

Updated 8 September 2016. Vimeo is to my mind one of the best video networks around because it has a high concentration of creative content providers.  It is not like on YouTube where if you type “art video” in the search box, you get loads of music clips or ” the art of making jam“- type videos.  … Read moreVimeo: the secret of good quality content

BlogtalkRadio: social, free and easy

There is a wonderful social network called BlogTalkRadio.  Basically, you can record your own radio talkshow with just a phone and a computer.  The service records your talk show through the phone with a number of guests/listeners (max 5) and that show is then automatically published on BlogTalk Radio.  Yet, you can also publish the … Read moreBlogtalkRadio: social, free and easy

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