YouTube doubled the size for uploads

YouTube announces that as from today, the upload for standard videos doubles from 1GB to 2GB, making it possible to upload bigger videos at higher resolutions. New features In addition, the YouTube team’s implemented new features to make it easier to show your HD videos on your site or blog by appending &hd=1 at the … Read moreYouTube doubled the size for uploads

CNET comparison between video services

Cnet is a great source for reviews on hardware.  Whenever I buy a camcorder, I first go there to look up the reviews. This time, they did an excellent comparison test with HD videos between the most important video services offering high definition video hosting: YouTube, Vimeo, SmugMug, DailyMotion, BlipTV, Source and Facebook(which is not … Read moreCNET comparison between video services

Do you need high definition video for iTunes or YouTube?

The immediate answer is No, you don’t need High Definition Video for podcasting on iTunes or YouTube. With a regular standard video format you can do everything on the web you want and more. However, in the not-so-distant future, I’m sure there is place for the HD format on the web, is already experimenting … Read moreDo you need high definition video for iTunes or YouTube?

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