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Follow the tutorials on podcasting, videocasting, and everything involved that sounds horribly difficult but is quite simple once you follow the easy-to-do tutorials. You will learn all you need to know about:

  • video processing
  • video streaming
  • uploading multimedia to video channels
  • adding video to blogs, cms and websites
  • Information about new tools and how to use them
  • advice on visual communication

With these tutorials you learn it all in a non technical way. Even if something is quite technical, we break it down for you, so that you can follow easily.

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It is irregular.  About 1 or 2 per month, up to maximum 4. The reason we do not publish at regular intervals is that we do not want to fall into the trap of “having to write something” in order to get the newsletter out in time.  Instead, we prefer to send you information only if we have something worthwhile to say.

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