New categories created

CategoriesSince I write quite a lot about S3 Amazon related issues, we decided to dedicate a special category for it so that you can find everything on this subject in one place. So far, we plugged most of it in Video Channels/Networks which is a bit awkward.

Therefore, if you bookmarked some of the articles under that category, you may want to update them via the S3 Amazon category. We will keep those articles in the Video Channels/Networks category for a while yet, but next month, you will only find them under the new category.

Guest posts

Is a new category for articles written by guest authors. Here we gather all articles that do not fall into one of the other categories, yet indirectly related with video and audio. Tomorrow, we publish an article from Vanessa Davis.  She will talk about shared hosting and dedicated servers.

It is not our purpose to stuff this site full with guest posts as we are very picky about what we publish and what not. But we thought this article would be a good addition and it is nice to hear another voice sometimes, isn’t it?

Do not bookmark this post, it will be removed after some time.

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