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I was looking for information on Rode mics when I bumped into a video of Ken Sparkes, the famous broadcasting personality of Australia.  In the video, he demonstrates the Procaster microphone for broadcasting and then he gives a couple of very interesting tips how to use a professional microphone.
Update 1 Dec 2016:  Unfortunately, the video with tips is no longer available. We will try to find a replacement and update this page when we found one that is as good as the one presented in the past. Sorry for the inconvenience 🙂
Since good microphones are more sensitive then the cheaper models, they need to be handled in the right way, or the results are disappointing.  The internet is riddled with negative reviews of good quality mics,  simply because many people do not know how to use them.  Therefore, this demo is an excellent idea and I urge you to have a look at it, even if you use a low end microphone.

Scrfeenshot from the video on the Rode site.

Here is the link to the demo video with tips (once on the page, click on the video that says: Introducing the Rode Procaster.  And here is the link to Ken Sparkes’ website if you want to know more about the broadcasting wonder himself. The mic he demonstrates works with a XLR connection.
There are several ways to connect a XLR mic to a computer, but the best way is to use a mixer, especially if you work on Mac, you cannot connect any mic without it.  To know more on how to connect a professional mic, read How to connect an external microphone to my computer

If you have any tips how to use a microphone, or your experiences with various mics, give a comment below.  It pays off to exchange information 🙂

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