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Rating 4/5It’s obvious that blog owners tend to favor their own system as they grow to like it, but WordPress is an absolute necessity when in comes to user friendliness and SEO.  If blogging is your business then you should consider WordPress as it is thé choice of most prominent marketing gurus.  The programmers of WP are really smart guys (and girls) who made sure that it is easy to use, extendable beyond your imagination and, last but not least, Google friendly.

Ok, you’ve got me, I’m a WordPress owner myself, in fact, this blog is WP, but I migrated from a cumbersome system that was a nightmare to manage: MoveableType from SixApart.  Everytime you write a post, you need to rebuild the damn thing and you can’t program in it either.  “What’s that to me?  Nothing”, you may think, but if you need some extra feature, a programmer can do it for you, right?  Not in MT, though, and that is why I migrated, and with me about 5 clients.

Not that WordPress doesn’t have its quirks, all blog systems have them, make no mistake.  Per example, WP doesn’t like tables, even if you need them.  Granted, there are workarounds, nevertheless, a 4/5 rating instead of 5/5.
Anyway, here is the link to WP.  Convince yourself of this free, powerful animal, king of blogs, etc…

7 thoughts on “WordPress: blog & content management into one”

  1. I found the WP-Table plug-in fixed my WordPress table woes quite nicely. It should have been built in from the beginning but WP-Table gets the job done.

  2. That is a great suggestion! Thanks Josh, I’ll try it out.

    For those of you wondering about tables: they are meant to store tabular data. It’s like tables in a Word Document, so you actually will want to use them in your blog at some point.

  3. This is really interesting and has now made me wanna consider staying with Word press and perfecting my skills, instead of researching other options like Moveable Type and Joomla. I would like to have the best platform for implementing both a blogging and a CMS base that is user friendly as much as possible, for the newbies like myself.


    RoTimi Waddy


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