YouTube doubled the size for uploads

YouTube announces that as from today, the upload for standard videos doubles from 1GB to 2GB, making it possible to upload bigger videos at higher resolutions.

New features

In addition, the YouTube team’s implemented new features to make it easier to show your HD videos on your site or blog by appending &hd=1 at the end of the url to the video. This is really good news because not everyone is aware that there is such a thing as HD, let alone what it is.  Visitors actually do not need to know what HD is, as long as they can view it.  By appending &hd=1, the video begins to play in HD mode immediately.

Here is an example :

Now, compare it with the standard link:

That is a huge difference, isn’t it? Keep in mind that this setting only works for HD videos, not for standard video.

Embedding HD on your site

To embed your HD video within the page of your blog or site, click the Customize button on the right of the embed box. A set of options appear:

Select the Play in HD option by clicking in the check box. You may also check Enable delayed cookies, which means that YouTube only sets a cookie when the visitor watches the video on YouTube itself.

YouTube recommends the largest size, which is 853×505 according to them, although it is actually bigger then that, namely 1024×640. However, if you have a page with 2 colums, you probably cannot show a video that big without deforming the layout of your page.

In any case, when you change the options, the embedding code changes accordingly.  When finished, copy the embedding code and paste it in your blog or website.

Here is an example of the embedding code:

<object width=”853” height=”505“><param name=”movie” value=”“></param><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”></param><param name=”allowscriptaccess” value=”always”></param><embed src=”” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true” width=”853” height=”505“></embed></object>

And here is the end result embedded in the article. For the best experience,always let an HD movie load a while before it plays or it might keep getting stuck and jump over frames:

As you can see, this video is huge compared with the rest of the page.
Here is the link to the official announcement from YouTube: Upload Size Doubles + HD Tips

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2 thoughts on “YouTube doubled the size for uploads”

  1. Hi, I have been reviewing film/video products for 12 years for my 25,000 readers. I just made my first WP site only to learn that uploads are limited to 8mb, so I embedded you tube videos, only to have them offer other site’s demo videos after playing mine. If your product actually works, I would like to review it on my site, and recommend it to all of my video content creators that will certainly need it for their sites.
    Thanks, David

    • Hi David,
      As I wrote already to you earlier on, your site keeps triggering warnings indicating it has harmful content. It is possibly hacked. So, in order to protect my readers, I removed the link to your site. please take this serious and have a thorough check because that warning does not come out of the blue. We can discuss terms when your site is repaired. Thanks!


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