YouTube goes GoogleAdsense: Promoted videos

YouTube Promoted VideosYouTube offers Promoted videos since about half a year ago and it works more or less like GoogleAdsense.  The idea is to promote your own video and put it in front of other videos by paying for certain keywords per click.  In other words, promoted videos show up in search results before all other videos, giving your video more exposure.  As with GoogleAdsense, you determine how much you want to spend per day and how much per click.  This is actually a very good idea for entrepreneurs with some money in their pockets, while for start-ups this might become a problem because if this service becomes really successful, you can count on it that mainstream keywords are going to be very expensive per click, just as they are on GoogleAdsense.  At least, if you want to be on page One in the search results.  That said, YouTube has been unofficially pushing advertiser’s videos on the front page for a long time now, according to this article by Micheal Learmonth, so it might not make that much difference.  For most of us, getting on the home page of YouTube is practically impossible anyway.

Here is the promotion video of YouTube about the subject:

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I actually have no found any studies about how successful this service is so far.  You would expect it to be a big success, but there is little to be found on the subject other then articles explaining how it works.
If any one of you out there knows more about this, please leave a comment and possibly a link?

In any case, since the feature is relatively young, there must be still some opportunities to get keywords for a reasonable pricing at this time, so perhaps you may want to contemplate giving it a go while you still can 🙂

For the time being, this feature is only available to the US. Although YouTube promised to make it more widely available soon, after nearly 6 months we are still waiting for it to open to the rest of the world.  So, I wonder when I will be able to test this out myself.
If you have personal experience with Promoted Videos on YouTube, you are invited to share it here with us.

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