Comparing audio and video services

There are a lot of audio services out there, one cheaper then the other, but what is it you have to look out for? There are 7 points you need to look at when comparing services:

  1. The audio service: what do I get?
  2. Quality of support: mail, phone, how quick do they react?
  3. Flexibility: Can I upload existing audios and can I download my recorded audios?
  4. Exporting methods: how easy is it to get the audio on my site?
  5. Monthly bandwidth limit: how many gigabytes can be used for streaming audio?
  6. Storage space: How much space do I have to upload audio?
  7. The monthly price tag : how much and what about the extras?

Most audio services give you the option to record audio by phone of through a headset via your computer and often you can upload prepared audios as well. They also provide a way to play the audios on your website. Sometimes that is easy as pie, sometimes it involves complicated steps before automation kicks in.

Therefore, always compare services and if they have a trial period, try it out first.  Very important: back up all your recordings by downloading a copy because if the services goes out of business or you do not pay your subscription in time, you will lose everything on their server.

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