Video channel reviews

Here you find a list of important video channels reviewed from the standpoint of the content provider, namely you. Whether you are an entrepreneur, an alterpreneur or an artist, changes in policies by those networks will affect you immediately. Therefore, the reviews are updated when there are important changes.

To upload helpful and practical videos. Videos have to be approved prior to acceptance, therefore the quality and reputation of this channel is pretty good. Make sure your movies are good quality.  Pure promotional movies are not accepted.  If you are into video tutorials, this is the place to be.  VideoJug has a wide audience that seeks to learn things by reliable tutors.

Does no longer exist.  Business- and film industry orientated network which attracts many professional content providers.  No longer available to the public.

Popular video channel, often used as an alternative search engine.  YouTube has a very large community, therefore you have to create a channel there to drive traffic to your site if your business is mainstream.  The quality of video output has increased dramatically of the last couple of years.

Good quality network which acceots only non-commercial videos.  Many options and features make this an interesting service.

To be continued, stay tuned!

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