TubeMogul free upload service (revised)

4 stars, very good!
TubeMogul is a free service to upload your video in one go to an increasing list of video channels like YouTube, Metacafe, Brightcove, GoogleVideo, YahooVideo and others, the list grows in time.
It is actually comparable with Traffic Geyser, a paid service. You only have to upload your movie once to get them on all the major channels (well, not all but many and the list grows).
Not only that, the service comes with a whole bunch of analytic tools to track your videos and that is very valuable.  I would say, this is a fantastic service, a must-have for all serious entrepreneurs.

But … (there is always a “but”):

I’m a bit of a control freak and very interested in the quality of my movies, so I wanted to know what format I should use to upload, because all those channels have other requirements. I found this answer in their FAQ page:

What are the best video pixel dimensions and format to use with the sites you serve?
This is a tough one to answer, as each site is a little different. In general, the mp4 file format (h.264) at 720×480 or 640×480 pixel dimensions is probably the best.

Each site is a little different” and there is the problem. With 640×480 you are more or less safe but you will be restricted to uploads smaller then 100mb because you cannot make use of the local upload modules that YouTube and Brightcove offer with which you can upload files bigger then 100mb. So in practice, you can use this service only for very short movies.

That said, the tracking- and analytical tools of your videos across channels is an enormous time saver, so if top quality is not your main concern, you can risk to upload 480×360 or 400×300 movies. That way, it saves you many, many hours of aggravations and it is for free. Therefore, this service gets a 4/5 from me.
How long it will be free remains to be seen. Eventually everyone has to make money to pay the huge costs, so grab what you can, while you can! Tubemogul has confirmed that the free service will be maintained for the foreseeable future, which is good news. (Read the comment below. Thanks, Mark!).

2 thoughts on “TubeMogul free upload service (revised)”

  1. Thanks for the post, Rudolf. As a heads up, we will soon be rolling out a whole host of new features, one of which will allow you to meet whatever file size limits you have established with the various sharing sites. We intend on always having a free product, and we have additional premium services in the works. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

    Mark Rotblat, TubeMogul


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