Update on WordPress vs Joomla

Just a short notice that we revised our article on WordPress vs Joomla – Review (revised)
Since this article got a lot of attention and things have moved on over the years, we revised it to reflect the current stable versions for WordPress 3.6 and Joomla 2.5.
In some areas, both CMS have come closer together but there are fundamental differences. After using both platforms for years, I have no particular favorite, I still base a decision on the project at hand. The review might tilt slightly in favor of WordPress but it depends what you need.
As always, I try to be impartial and it is not because MiracleTutorials runs on WordPress that it is my favorite CMS. In fact, I have made more Joomla sites then WordPress.

So, if you already know the article, have a look again and if you never saw it, it may give you some ideas for your next project: WordPress vs Joomla – Review (revised)

4 thoughts on “Update on WordPress vs Joomla”

  1. Hi rudolf, as i have never built a website i would like your opinion on the easiest too use, my computers skills are low, but do use windows and macs for my art and video production but i want to build a nice site for to advertise a human resource company ie jobs agency. what be my best bets, thanks jonathan mcintosh

    • Hi Jonathan,
      It depends how complex the setup needs to be. What exactly would you like to do on that site?
      Perhaps if you have an example of a competitor that closely resembles what you need, it would be easier to judge.

  2. I was surfing and came across your site. You are discussing WordPress and Joomla but there is no mention of DNN Software (aka Dot Net Nuke). It’s open source, includes a wonderful, very easy to use and customizable CMS. Several hundred modules (extensions) are also available that are open source and free to use as well as hundreds more that are very inexpensive. Skins are the same, lots of free skins and hundreds more available for purchase very inexpensively. Have you every used Dot Net Nuke? Have you tried it recently?? You may be in for a big surprise! For me, Joomla is much more difficult to use.

    • Hi Greg,
      No I never used Dot net Nuke. The thing is, there are many cms out there, but Joomla and WordPress are the most popular and they are often compared in a biased way, that is why I wrote about it.


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