Uploading big movies? Reset your Power Saving options.

Today I uploaded a video to YouTube of 459MB. It was a video of only 1 minute, but it contained only graphics and then you really want no compression before you upload or the result will be awful. It took about 5 hours and the end result was very peculiar because it was upside down and it only showed a couple of frames. I think the problem was that the laptop fell asleep (hybernated) and the downloading stopped. I was already half way, so when I saw that black screen and the blinking light, I knew changes were that I could start all over again. After I woke the computer up, downloading presumed as if nothing had happened. But that was a wrong assumption, alas.

The Hard Lesson For today

So, the hard lesson for today is: turn your power settings off until you are finished with uploading a big the movie because a little glitch can undo the upload of hours and you don’t get any warning. If this happens to you, and it will certainly happen more then once, even if your power savings are turned off, be Zen about it. Let it be for the rest of the day and upload again the following morning. It is so much better to keep your temper under control 🙂

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