JW Player: who is behind it? Who is Jeroen Wijering?

Jeroen Wijering, founder JW Player

Who is Jeroen Wijering,  the creator of the industry standard JW player? What is his relationship with Longtail Video Solutions?  This trailer to the documentary video from PictureThis.tv gives you an insight into the history of the most famous video player on the web.  Many people see this player daily at work without even knowing it.
For those who love to work with JW player, this is a must to watch:

WHOIS JW? from PictureThis.tv on Vimeo.

On a personal level, what I find nice about this video is that I can finally put a face on the names of the people I have regular contact with. Our S3Media Stream™ plugin   is  based on JW player, so I follow up all developments closely.  I presume I am a JW player fan, although I have nothing against FlowPlayer, which is the competition of JW player. It is just choice you have to make at some point.  I like the fact that JW Player tends to be quicker to implement new features, especially regarding HTML5. But hey, I’m biased, so I should not start a comparison between the two 😉

That said, what do you think are the pros and cons of either FlowPlayer or JW Player?

8 thoughts on “JW Player: who is behind it? Who is Jeroen Wijering?”

  1. 3.00 in the ‘who is JW?’ video seems to say that youtube uses JW player – is that correct? I have never seen ‘JW player’ when right clicking on a youtube video. Also I assumed that youtube had their own player and so wouldn’t need someone else’s player.

    • Indeed, YouTube has developed its own player later on. In the beginning you saw JW Player in the Context menu, but as the interview explains, YouTube had its own requirements at some point. Imagine, YouTube only paid $59 for it, or was it $55? I can’t remember. Dirt cheap, in any case.;-)
      But it helped LongTailVideo to grow their business. So it was a win-win situation.

  2. jwplayer epic fails thesedays.
    error loading media issues in IE.
    laggy/choppy playback issues in Chrome

    by many people.

    i recommend flowplayer.

    i hate jwplayer now.

    • Hi David,
      Perhaps the problem is with the conversion of your videos. Choppy playback often indicated that the bitrate is set too high.


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