Advertise with Miracle Tutorials

Miracle Tutorials has between 9,500 and 25,000 unique visitors per month according to Google Analytics and a page rank of 5/10 (no longer applicable).  It has a solid reputation with its high quality tutorials since 2007.

If you like to get your business advertised here, we offer you the following options:

  1. Text ad links on the home page:  55.00 Euro/year (sales tax excluded).
  2. Text ad within a specific article: 99.0 Euro/year (sales tax excluded).
  3. Yearly renewal discount: 5.00 euro(sales tax excluded).


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Text ad in article Text ad in sidebar on homepage (under the tag cloud)


  1. Full name and address of the advertising company is required (by law).
  2. If located in the EU, a VAT number is required to be exempt from 21% tax. When located outside the EU, no sales tax is required.
  3. Links to websites will be checked via regarding security. Links that are flagged orange or red won’t be accepted.
    When a published link becomes orange or red during the publication cycle, the advertiser will be ask to change the link (this is free of charge).  If no other link is available, the text ad will be removed to protect the reputation of No refund is given in such a case.
  4. Text ads are removed after 365 days unless the advertiser prolongs the publication. A discount of $5 is given if the yearly cycle is renewed within the current year, up to 1 day before it ends.
  5. Changes in text ads during a publication cycle will incur an administrative cost of $20.00 unless a change is made under article 4).
  6. We reserve the right to refuse text ads which promote dubious services, like SEO scams, gambling,..
  7. Google views ad links that are dofollow as illegal. A link is automatically dofollow if it does not contain a rel=”nofollow” tag. The penalty for having dofollow ad links is exclusion from Google’s listing. Therefore, and we understand you won’t like this but we can’t risk exclusion, all ad links will be published with rel=”nofollow” included.

How to proceed:

  1. After you sent us the link with the anker text along with your company details (name, address, country), we check the link, and when approved, we send the PayPal invoice for the advertisement.
  2. After payment, your link is published within 24 hours, except weekends and official holidays in Belgium.
    We alert you when the link is published.
  3. When the text ad expires, it will be removed unless you renew it before the end of the cycle, in which case you get a discount of 5.00 Euro.

Contact rudolfb [at] if you want to publish a text ad with us.