Creating your own video channel – Part 2/4

In today’s tutorial we look at the initial emails you get from DreamHost after you signed up and paid for the hosting package.  We pick out the stuff you need to write down in your little notebook. If you don’t have that little notebook yet, this is the moment to get it because it is absolutely required.

We also cover how to install Joomla and WordPress.  I would not follow both or you probably get confused.  Whether you chose to install WordPress or Joomla depends on what you want to do with your channel.  Read on below.
For each step, there are video tutorials. The videos are placed in the member area as well, according to subject, so that you do not need to dig between the posts to find them back later.  The member area is for those of you who have signed up for the newsletter.

Dreamhost access to the control panel and various places

If you signed up with DreamHost, you must have received a couple of emails from DreamHost in the meanwhile, if not, you should contact them. If you just follow along, you can skip this part, because it will make no sense to you.  Instead, go to the next step about CMS.
In this video tutorial I show you what is important to write down and how to use it.  And we will visit the panel of DreamHost to discover what we need to find out. We only look into those parts that are relevant to our a video channel.  All other aspects are well covered by DreamHost documentation.

Retrieving passwords and links for the DreamHost account and a visit to the control panel to tweak your domain.

Which content management do I need?

OK, so now that we know what we need to know, we can install a content management system.  But which one?
Please have a look at this post: Joomla vs WordPress before you go further. If need be, take a couple of days to think about it.  This tutorials won’t walk away, you will always find it back in the member area or on the left in the Topic section under Video channels/networks.

Press a button to Install a content management system

With DreamHost, this is indeed with a click on a button, but let’s be real, we are talking about a content management system with a database, a public end and an administration end and they all have locks on their doors, so you do need to create the keys (passwords) upfront and during installation, you will be asked for those passwords.  In this tutorial I will explain what you need to do for Joomla and what WordPress requires.  No rocket science here, I promise!  It’s like installing software on your computer, you will be asked a few non technical questions and everything is indeed installed for you.  Especially on hosting plans where they have these systems integrated, the chances for error are almost zero, that is why I sent you specifically to DreamHost because I tested it out and it works great.

If you have already webspace with someone else and there is an application vault for Joomla or WordPress, you can follow along with this video tutorial.  Normal install through FTP is different and requires additional steps that are beyond the scope of this series.

Installing Joomla on DreamHost
Final install & configuration of Joomla
Install WordPress on DreamHost
Final Install of WordPress on Dreamhost

I will not cover finding and installing templates for the CMS of your choice in this tutorial because I think it will be an overload of information.  Instead, I will add that to part 3.

If you do not want to set up a video channel yourself, we can arrange the whole process for you or do the parts you do not understand.  Drop us a comment in that case and we will discuss this further with you in private.

To resume: In Part 3 , we are going to look for the right template so that you have a minimum of work to do to adapt the look.  We will also install the video player on your system and download and install a plugin to make it work.

4 thoughts on “Creating your own video channel – Part 2/4”

  1. really helpful but, how do i get the part 1 of this tutorial. the page is blank. i am actually looking for a step to step procedure on how to set up my own video channel. thanks great job.

  2. Thanks for your comment. It is much appreciated. I’m not sure which blank page you refer to. If it is the member area page, you have to be subscribed to the newsletter in order to receive the password for that page.
    If it is one of the video tutorials that show up blank, try close it and open it again. Sometimes downloading stalls and that usually solves the issue.
    I hope this helps 🙂

    This is indeed a step by step procedure starting with the introduction, part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4.
    I’m running a bit behind with Part 3 because of some projects I have to finish. But I hope to get it finished this week.

  3. What about Googles blogger? Is it as good? What do you think? What about tools and such? Can I link as easily? Thanks!

  4. Hi Tennis guy,

    Most marketing gurus agree that using Blogger has several disadvantages:
    – you don’t have your own domain name, so you are kind of stuck with Blogger.
    – you depend on the plugins installed by the system and you have little control over them.

    Migrating later on to your own system is possible, but I think you do it better right from the start and work with regular hosting and install WordPress, because migration is always a pain.
    But it depnds what your goals are. If you want to have a blog fora hobby, Blogger is fine, but for business, take regular hosting.

    I have to say, the DreamHost servers are very slow these days, which is a shame, because their system is so easy to work with and you get loads of webspace. So, I primarily use it for experiments these days and use S3 Amazon for the videos.


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