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NOTICE: April 27, 2015

I finally ended the private membership area because it is out of date. I do not have time to maintain it any longer. I’m already publishing video tutorials directly into the articles since a couple of years because I would like them to go viral. This is not possible in a closed area.  The membership idea was one of my vague ideas to make some money one day, but I found other means to create income, so Miracle Tutorials will remain free.
The newsletters with the latest updates keeps going, and the old content on this page as well, but new tutorials can be found in the posts themselves..

Table of contents:

Promotions on services
Video tutorials

Technical Documentation

Royalty free music libraries

Promotion on services

Save 50 USDollar

Miracle Tutorials gives you a discount of $50.00 USD on your  first DreamHost account. Click the image above to make use of the offer.

Video tutorials:

IMPORTANT: If a video tutorials doesn’t show up right away, close the box and click on the link again. Glitches like that happen once in a while.

Blogging stuff:

New Video channel series with S3 Amazon AWS:

From: S3 amazon: how to signup and connect

Old Video channel series:

The older series have quite some useful information left, but the part of using DreamHost as as server for video and audio is no longer valid because DreamHost servers are not fast enough to deliver heavy videos and nowadays it is better to use a CDN to deliver videos.  DreamHost is fine for the average sites, but I would not use it any longer to create a video channel unless you combine it with  S3 Amazon. Notwithstanding, we keep the tutorials in here as a historical curiosity.

From Creating your own video channel – part 1 (published)

From Creating your own video channel – part 2 (published)

From Creating your own video channel – part 3 (published)

From Creating your own video channel – part 4 (published)

From How to make your video bigger without resizing (published)

Web Ceo, an SEO application with more then 1 face:

Technical Documentation

A TimedText sample file
You can use this myTimedText.xml file as a basis to create subtitles for your videos.
See also the new tutorial on how to create subtitles in various formats.

How to setup a private streaming bucket with CrossFTP
Download CrossFTP-private-streaming-bucket.pdf

How to deal with low output from microphones using an Alesis Mixer:
Mic-Preamp-Levels.pdf – Provided by
Information how to deal with low level output of microphones.  The document is not specifically meant for the Mulitmix8 Firewire.  If you have another mixer from the alesis range, this information will be suitable as well.

Royalty free music libraries

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  1. Any recommendations on how to include a way to charge a fee for specific videos (downloadable) in a website for specific users?
    Thanks this site is amazing!

  2. Hi Al,

    You could install a membership system like MemberPro (presuming you use WordPress or Joomla) and work with paid subscriptions. Then use a plugin that creates temporary links for downloads so that the links can’t be shared via third parties.

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