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I just tested an easy to use online image editor to create and adapt images.  The application is called Sumo Paint and I’m quite charmed by the way it works, actually.  It has layers and blending modes comparable with Adobe Photoshop, but everything is a bit more primitive, which is good because it is not confusing for non technical users.  I don’t want to go deep into a comparison with Photoshop or any commercial package because that would be unfair towards Summo Paint, which is after all, a low budget, free application.

For an online application, this is rather impressive and if you only need an image editor to make some minor changes, resize or add some elements to it, this is a very useful tool.

Below is a screenshot of the interface:

It can open images from your computer, you can then adapt them and save them on the Summo server or on your own computer.  It works flawless in this respect.  There are some strange quirks if you are used to commercial software, but I’m sure that the application will improve in time.  If I would have to compare this app with Windows Paint, Sumo Paint is vastly superior.

The great thing is that you do not need to install anything on your computer, it works right of the bat.

It even has a feature that Adobe Photoshop doesn’t have and that is the shape feature.  You select a star on the tool panel, and depending how you drag it in around in your image, it changes shape from a star to a cloud and even to a flower. See example below, all shapes are done with the same tool shape tool:

It’s quite fun playing around with this.  The application makes use of your own font library, so you have access to all the fonts on your own computer to add text to your images.  This tool works as expected and I’m sure that you will get used to working with Sumo Paint very quickly.  It helps to have some experience with image editors, of course. More technical details about the app can be found in an article by AppAppeal: Sumo Paint review, which I recommend to read as well, because it goes a bit deeper into the possible options. Here is also a demo video from Sumo Paint itself:

Rating 4/5In any case, this app gets a 4/5 star from me!!!

If you are planning to buy an image editor, first give this app a chance before you decide.  You might like it. to register.
The application itself is here: Enjoy experimenting!  and let me know what you think about it.

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