How to do an interview on Skype with PrettyMay

PrettyMay is a call recorder for Skype and in this article we show with video tutorials you how to configure the basic audio settings of PrettyMay and then we do an interview with Skype. First from Skype to landline phone, then from Skype to Skype. You will notice a considerable difference in quality on the side of the other caller.
If you do not know what Skype is, here is an introduction: Recording audio interviews with Skype
There are 2 video tutorials in this article. Scroll down to view them both.

I use PrettyMay a lot myself and I found the Professional license version sufficient for my needs to have unlimited recordings.

Configure PrettyMay audio options

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Option for Skype call recording

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Both video tutorials are hosted on S3 Amazon, using the CloudFront service to stream the videos. The advantage is that you can jump ahead in time without having to wait until the video is fully downloaded.  See also S3: Streaming video with CloudFront.

If you want to know more about S3 amazon, there is a whole range of articles on the subject in the category S3 Amazon/CloudFront.

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  1. Hi Joker,

    IMCapture surely looks interesting, especially since it exists for both PC and MAC.
    A shame they do not have the option to save audio in WAV or AIFF, because those formats are not compressed. I’m a huge fan of uncompressed video and audio for the master tapes or the original files, so to speak.
    That said, I realize that most entrepreneurs do not care much about that, convenience is more important. IMCapture has a free trial version:


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