Broadcast quality audio for video interviews

Regarding audio and video, there is huge difference between broadcasting quality and podcasting or play back from computer. Although computer sound cards are getting better, it lacks way behind in comparison with professional audio equipment. This article shows a couple of pitfalls you have to avoid if there is a chance that you interview is not only watched from the web but also on fairs with professional PA systems.

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Action! How techniques from the film industry can be useful for video

Shooting a video in one go is fine for straightforward interviews or short presentations but when it comes to complicated subjects, we often have to cut a video into pieces. When finished, we assemble everything in post production and glue the parts together. Sometimes, it can be difficult to recognize from the thumbnails in the … Read more

Under the influence

There is actually a future in compiling videos into a channel because who has the time to spend so much time finding gems on video channels?  Well, Casey Pugh on Vimeo obviously does and his collection is just top class. It is primarily experimental- and art video and that is what I like about it.  … Read more

Vimeo: the secret of good quality content

Updated 8 September 2016. Vimeo is to my mind one of the best video networks around because it has a high concentration of creative content providers.  It is not like on YouTube where if you type “art video” in the search box, you get loads of music clips or ” the art of making jam“- type videos.  … Read more

Tips to use a microphone

I was looking for information on Rode mics when I bumped into a video of Ken Sparkes, the famous broadcasting personality of Australia.  In the video, he demonstrates the Procaster microphone for broadcasting and then he gives a couple of very interesting tips how to use a professional microphone. Update 1 Dec 2016:  Unfortunately, the … Read more

How to connect an external microphone to my computer

You have that wonderful and rather expensive external mic with XLR connection and discovered it doesn’t work on your computer?  Yet, you bought an adapter for the XLR connection to fit into the sound board of your computer and it still doesn’t work? Chances are that your mic needs a lot of phantom power.  Professional … Read more